AI-Generated Emails Magically in Outreach & Salesloft

Magic Sequence

in your Outreach

Lifter connects to your Outreach account and creates a dedicated sequence for
AI-Generated outreach emails. Any prospect you add to the magic sequence will go through three steps within minutes:

Lifter Learns About Your Prospects

Lifter connects to dozens of data sources, to find relevant information about each prospect such as work experience, recent promotions, social activity, personal interests, industry, company funding, hiring. Generates Hyper-Personalized Emails leverages the information provided by Lifter to generate a sequence of 2 to 5 personalized emails for each prospect. With its advanced language processing capabilities, can craft email copy that speaks directly to the needs and interests of each individual recipient.

Lifter Personalizes Your Sequence

Lifter adds the enriched prospects info and the AI-generated emails into the magic sequence.
You have the option to either manually check each email before sending or leave it entirely to Lifter to automate.

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