Meet RightBound,
Your Sales Development

RightBound serves as an extension of your Sales Development team, helping you generate pipeline without spending time on manual research, prospecting and repetitive outreach.

Put Top-of-Funnel Tasks
On Auto Pilot

With RightBound, your Sales Development team no longer needs to juggle between data sources, Excels, and partial flows within multiple apps. 

So sit back and watch your outreach campaigns being automatically orchestrated – always aligned with your playbook, always compliant.


Your Outbound

It’s the end of cold outreach as you know it.

RightBound gives your outbound motion an inbound touch.

Relevant prospects that meet your target profile and criteria will constantly be added to your funnel, already enriched and segmented.

RightBound’s machine-learning will constantly track and optimize campaigns across multiple channels, until a prospect is engaged enough to meet the threshold you’ve defined, alerting you in real-time and recommending next steps.

The Only Integrated
Sales Development
Out There

A powerful mix of data, research automation, enrichment, segmentation, and multi-channel outreach are now within your reach.


Multiple data sources at your fingertips

RightBound’s research machine leverages data sources that were once beyond your reach, including company info, intent, technologies and contacts – everything you need to find the right companies & personas and reach them successfully.

Find relevant prospects, without the legwork

Put a machine to work, continuously building target lists for you. RightBound isn’t just a company & contact database – it automates your targeting and web research across 3rd party and proprietary data sources, constantly learning and adjusting the algorithm based on your feedback.

Research, in-sync with your CRM

Research results with company & contact enrichment are automatically pushed into your CRM. Avoid time-consuming and error prone “self prospecting” – RightBound’s machine makes sure your team doesn’t prospect an existing account or over reach too many people within an account.


Dynamic, multi-channel outreach

Orchestrate multi-touch campaigns across multiple channels beyond email, including advertising, social, surveys & gifting. Your baseline cadence is constantly analyzed and refined according to results and prospects’ behavior.

Personalization at scale

Outreach content is personalized and communication channels are continuously optimized per industry, function, seniority and individual attributes of each prospect.

Segmentation, without the added over head

Utilize AI-based research to its fullest. Automatically run separate playbooks for different personas, never losing track of complex segmentation.

Maintain full control of your brand

Keep your team aligned with your outreach guidelines and sales playbook, avoiding spam, ensuring compliance, and safeguarding your brand.

Follow Up

Alerts that work for you

Get smart, real-time alerts according to the prospect’s level of engagement, notifying you when it’s the right time to follow up.

Contextual contact information

Have all the info about prospects and their previous engagements at hand when you pick up the phone to follow up.

Define your follow-ups

Determine unique follow-up rules for different companies, personas and engagement types, and set the exact hand-off to your team, including next step recommendations for every prospect.

Connected to your platform of choice

Connect RightBound to your CRM or sales engagement platform, and keep your existing follow-up process.

RightBound is only available to select customers.


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