Sales Development

Sales Development Is A Tango
Between You and Your Prospect,
Between Pitching and Qualifying.

But it takes two to tango, and unfortunately, instead of dancing with prospects, most of the outbound sales development time is invested in repetitive prospecting routines, including account research, list building, outreach orchestration and cadence tracking.

RightBound Dances a Different
Dance, One That Helps You
Close Meetings And Meet Quotas.

RightBound sales augmentation platform handles most of the prospecting routines with a data-driven, automated process, increasing ROI for sales development teams of all sizes.

Because every sales professional could use a wingman.

The People
Behind RightBound

We’ve built a global, distributed team from day one,
joining self-starting individuals from different backgrounds
to build an extraordinary product and a customer-first company.

Co-captains steering the ship

Ran Oelgiesser
Co-founder & CEO

Serial entrepreneur, frequent flyer with thousands of Sales and Marketing mileage, the master of the business model.

Rotem Dafni
Co-founder & CTO

Computer and crossfit geek, the brains behind the machine and the creator of the algorithm.

Flight Officers & Space Engineers

Welcome To A New Era
Of Sales Development.