RightBound takes prospecting with Salesloft to new heights

If SalesLoft is where your team lives, RightBound is the best way to optimize their time & results.

RightBound’s AI-based prospecting engine learns your ideal customer profile and delivers a consistent flow of high-quality prospects into extremely personalized Salesloft cadences.

No More List

Best Coverage
& Accuracy

Optimized Campaigns

More Conversations.
Better Results

Integrated and Seamless Workflow

Autonomous prospect research and enrichment

Feed relevant, enriched, and verified prospects into your SalesLoft cadences

  • Identify new accounts based on any company characteristic you can imagine (including website keywords, hiring, specific roles, or technologies used) hiring, specific roles, or technologies used)
  • Discover look-alike accounts based on attributes learned from your past success
  • Find new prospects within your target accounts list
  • Re-engage lost opportunities and old CRM accounts when a new prospect becomes available

Continuously optimized cadences

Help your sales team shift its efforts from cold calling to warm calls with engaged leads

RightBound optimizes your Salesloft cadence beyond what’s humanly possible.

For each target account, RightBound changes your cadences to create a path for engaging as many prospects as possible.

RightBound’s AI engine learns from your actual results and extracts insights from the characteristics and behavior of your prospects. This gives SDRs a better chance of engaging your prospects and helping you convert them into a qualified meeting.

Seamless integration & learning

Zero disruption to your existing Salesloft workflows

RightBound established a smooth and seamless bi-directional connection with Salesloft in two clicks. Enriched prospects from RightBound are assigned to the relevant team member in Salesloft based on their territory, account ownership, or other routing rules. RightBound continuously reads the prospect status and results for further analysis and optimization.

Outbound Sales

SundaySky Experiences 400%+
Growth in New Customer Acquisition

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Dan Sylvester

VP National Accounts,
Sunday Sky

The RightBound and Salesloft combo has supercharged our outbound. Personas sourced by RightBound have an incredibly high relevancy rate, delivered into Salesloft with extremely accurate contact information. This seamless flow between prospecting and outreach is every SDR leader’s dream come true. SDRs hit play and go!

Ronen Pessar -- Chief Growth Officer

Integrating RightBound with Salesloft was a game changer for us at APS. Leads constantly flow in from RightBound so our BDRs can action them quickly with appropriate messaging through a Salesloft cadence. The impact on our pipeline was impressive.

Jason Petersen — Business Development Manager
APS Payroll

RightBound sources accounts and contacts which are then automatically segmented and sequenced. RightBound automatically sources alternative people or phone numbers based on feedback from Salesloft. Using these two platforms together, we’ve managed to substantially increase our reply rates, connection rates, and demos booked.

Tomer Magal — Head of Global Sales, WiseStamp

Want to supercharge your outbound sales revenues
with RightBound and Salesloft?