RightBound elevates prospecting with Outreach.io

If Outreach.io is your team’s playground, RightBound is the best way to boost their performance

RightBound's AI-powered prospecting engine learns your target audience and delivers a steady stream of high-quality prospects into highly personalized Outreach.io sequences.

Is Over

Best Accuracy
& Coverage

Optimized Campaigns

More Calls.
Superior Results.

Seamless and Integrated Work Processes

Autonomous prospecting and enrichment

Fill your Outreach sequences with relevant, enriched and verified prospects

RightBound links to hundreds of data sources to identify the most pertinent prospects and their contact information automatically.

  • Discover new accounts based on any company characteristic you can think of (such as website keywords, recruiting, particular roles, or technologies used)
  • Find look-alike accounts based on past activity analysis
  • Expand your existing account list with additional prospects
  • Re-engage lost deals and past CRM accounts when a new prospect becomes available.

Constantly improved sequences

Level up the focus of your sales team from cold calls to warm calls with engaged leads

RightBound’s beyond-human optimization capability will drive better results from your Outreach.io sequence.

For every target account, RightBound optimizes your sequences to establish a route for engaging as many prospects as possible.

Based on your past results and its own insights, RightBound’s autonomous machine learns the qualities and behavior of thousands of prospects and adjusts your sequence to maximize engagement.

Smooth integration & insights

No disruption to your existing Outreach.io workflows

With only two clicks, RightBound establishes a seamless, two-way connection with Outreach.io. Enriched prospects from RightBound are routed to the relevant team member in Outreach.io based on their territory, account ownership, or other routing rules.

RightBound constantly analyzes the prospect status and results for further optimization.

Outbound Sales

Rightbound and Outreach.io saves us many hours and allow our SDRs to focus on high-value activities directly within Outreach.io sequences. Our productivity rose by over 50% and we achieved a ratio of 3.7% of qualified meetings - creating a funnel of millions in new opportunities.

Garrett Serviss — Director, Growth Marketing, Moveworks

Using RightBound in conjunction with Outreach.io increased our connect rate on Outreach.io. RightBound pushes highly accurate leads info directly into Outreach.io sequences and generates tasks for our BDRs. The smooth automated process saves precious time on account research and prospecting.

Chris Ling — Director, Business Development, ListenFirst

Integrating RightBound and Outreach.io was as smooth as can be; our reps continue to work prospects within Outreach.io as they did before, except now conversion rates are higher as RightBound provides a solid flow of highly targeted and thoroughly enriched prospects.

Patrick Hudgins — Co-Founder & CEO, Delegate

Want to boost your outbound
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RightBound and Outreach.io?