Meet the Squad

We are dedicated to serving the SDR community, facilitating velocity growth with great tech.


Ran Oelgiesser

Co-founder & CEO

Serial entrepreneur, frequent flyer with thousands of Sales and Marketing miles, the master of the business model.

Rotem Dafni

Co-founder & CTO

The brains behind the machine, mixing technology know-how, product smarts and relentless innovation.


Alon Ashkenazi

VP of Engineering


We can cook the whole meal for you, and you’ll savor every last bite – ehm – byte of the software we developed.

Our secret sauce makes the impossible become real. We relish problem-solving and always welcome a new challenge to be at the forefront of the sales tech arena.



We’re the wizards behind the auto-detection of information from what seems to be just a stew of bits and bytes.

Put zero after one and you get ten. We leverage AI to achieve a tenfold increase (or more) in the value of any piece of data.



Our dreams go beyond your imagination. We choose the menu and start to prepare in advance, so you never have to wait for … the next product release.

Our roadmap is driven by the market, but we don’t just anticipate your needs, we stay one step ahead to extend your vision with futuristic features.


Roni Green

VP of Marketing


CREATIVITY is not just an ingredient – it’s our main course [of action].

Known to come up with exquisite (granted, sometimes bizarre …) dishes, STALE is not in our cookbook – but SALES sure is.



We’re a crew of naturally-born hunters, but instead of always being on the prey for new customers, prospects are hunting us because they want the tools to acquire more customers themselves …

We have the weapons!

Customer Success

Gal Gan-El

VP of Customer Success

Customer Success

You’ll never see an oil stain on our white gloves. Our experts cater their service to each customer’s individual taste and always deliver a personalized and attentive experience.

We continuously optimize outbound initiatives based on our benchmarks and best practices. Because your success is (literally) our team’s middle name.

Operations & People

Hagit Cohen

Head of Operations & People

Operations & People

Everything works with the sharpness of a Japanese chef’s knife when our Operations ninjas are involved behind the scenes of a distributed organization.

But the most important ingredient for success (besides perhaps salt) at RightBound is the human factor, based on quality over quantity.

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