Taking sales development to new levels of efficiency

Every B2B company needs a sales development team, but many companies don’t have the time or resources to hire, train and manage them.
Alleyoop offers a complete outsourced outbound sales — and RightBound fuels its operation.

Alleyoop completes a full cycle prospecting process — from demand generation, through outreach, engagement and booking meetings for their clients’ sales reps.

RightBound makes Alleyoop SDRs more productive, and improves results for Alleyoop clients.

RightBound’s AI-driven engines automates prospecting and outreach for Alleyoop’s SDRs — finding the right companies and contacts, engaging them with relevant messages at the right time.

Relevant, engaged leads are automatically pushed into Salesforce and Frontspin.

As a result, Alleyoop’s SDRs focus their time on following up with the leads that are more likely to convert into a meeting. With RightBound, Alleyoop can onboard more customers at a lower cost.

We’re recommending RightBound for all our new projects. Its automated prospecting is great for adjusting to different companies and personas.

Caroline Crouse — Head of Sales Enablement | Alleyoop

Alleyoop is a business consultancy firm that uses RightBound to help its clients maximize their ROI

Alleyoop increased its clients' TAM coverage by using RightBound's autonomous research engine to find companies and prospects based on each client's unique ICP.

Client #1

Sales communication solutions

Target customer profile

Companies with developers who work on APIs (based on title), and use a competitor.


Product Mgmt/PMM, Growth, R&D Managers

Client #2


Target customer profile

Companies hiring more than 30+ new employees per month.


Recruiting and Talent Acquisition Managers

Client #3

Cloud phone

Target customer profile

Companies using HubSpot and a helpdesk solution with at least 15 customer service reps.


Sales Directors and Customer Services Mid-Mgmt and Exec.

Client #4

Sales intelligence solution

Target customer profile

SMB Companies with HQ in North America and employees in Europe.


Sales/Marketing/Lead Gen leaders

Outstanding outbound sales results

Using RightBound, Alleyoop has significantly improved its prospecting performance.

* Based on a sample campaign over 12 months

Caroline Crouse, Head of Sales Enablement, Alleyoop

On the value of using RightBound

Focus on prospects that are engaged

We now have higher quality conversations, as SDRs get so much background information from the outreach activities — such as surveys — and can incorporate that into the conversation to make it much more in-depth and relevant.

Autonomous outreach improves conversation quality

It’s not a cold call anymore. Prospects are aware of our product and why we reached out, making the conversation easier. These high quality, multi-touch interactions result in much riper leads which our team can more easily convert.

One-stop outbound sales solution for prospecting and outreach

RightBound is incomparable to anything we've used in the past. RightBound finds contacts for us, reaches out with relevant multi-format messaging and follow ups, covering the outreach process from all angles.

Seamless integration with Alleyoop's existing sales stack

For the SDR , it doesn't matter if the lead came from RightBound or from another source. They keep making calls based on the data they have in FrontSpin, as they always did. The RightBound leads are automatically fed into our Salesforce, which feeds them directly into FrontSpin.


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