Ran Oelgiesser, Justin Michael, and the Future of Sales Development

Justin Michael
SalesTech Futurist
Ran Oelgiesser
Co-founder & CEO, RightBound

Trying to keep up with the pace of change, many sales development teams find themselves at a crossroad with respect to crystallizing strategies, implementing a top-notch sales tech, and maximizing revenue. Here’s our take on ten critical questions related to outbound sales challenges and a sneak peek into the future of sales development.

Question 1

What’s your take on the #1 challenge for outbound teams?

Question 2

What’s the best outreach paradigm? Account-based? Territories?

Question 3

What’s the role of personalization? Should you semi-automate on precious prospects?

Calculating sales tech ROI is a great way for sales leaders to bring their CFO on board. Sometimes people just pour money on hiring people without giving them the proper tools, training and structure because it's easier to say: we need to grow. The goal is not just to hire people, but to actually make sales teams as successful as possible.

Question 4

How do you recommend evaluating which tech solutions to adopt?

Question 5

How do you position RightBound in an organization that has an existing sales stack?

Question 6

Where is the SDR-AE-Machine architecture of the modern sales org going?

The right balance between sales tech and the number of SDRs depends on team size and maturity. The machine can greatly assist with many of the repetitive functions, but SDRs will extremely be valuable with complex tasks and most importantly with providing the human touch and personalization needed to truly engage a buyer.

Question 7

How should you calculate sales tech ROI?

Question 8

Would you take the cost of one headcount and invest it in sales tech for the rest of the team?

Question 9

Are you looking to deploy machine learning for writing elements in the next couple of years?

Question 10

Where are we heading in Sales Development ? How will it look in 3 or 5 years?

Buyers hate outbound sales because they're being bombarded. Sellers hate it because they have diminishing returns. AI can analyze buyer needs and behavior and match them to the most relevant sellers — minimizing the noise and creating more relevant connections.