SundaySky Experiences 400%+ Growth in New Customer Acquisition

with RightBound and Salesloft

The Challenge: Prioritizing High-Value Activities in a Rapidly Growing Company

SundaySky is a video marketing platform that helps the world’s most demanding brands create, personalize, and distribute video at scale. Historically, SundaySky’s sales efforts have targeted Fortune 200 companies with long sales cycles and big annual contract value.

Over the past few years, SundaySky has begun to move down market, increasing its TAM from 500 to between 20K-30K accounts. This rapid expansion put a huge strain on its outbound sales resources, and SundaySky’s sales leaders realized that their existing manual processes were no longer viable.

Accordingly, SundaySky’s sales and marketing team sought a tech stack that would automate and scale its prospecting, enabling business development representatives (BDRs) to focus their efforts on high-valued activities towards engaged prospects, rather than researching and prospecting.

While automation was critical to drive repeatability and scale, SundaySky also needed the flexibility to personalize communication based on prospect behavior. Equally important, SundaySky wanted to empower sales directors and BDRs to adjust and reprioritize activities on the fly based on real-time feedback from the sales stack.

The Solution:

Integrated and Seamless Workflow Combining RightBound and Salesloft

With automation and scale requirements in mind, SundaySky implemented an integrated sales stack combining RightBound and Salesloft. “The transition to RightBound and Salesloft has been completely transformative,” said Dan Sylvester, VP National Accounts at SundaySky.

“We’ve gone from a manually-managed account based (ABM) motion to a seamless sales machine that empowers our sales directors and BDRs to effectively execute outbound and inbound strategies that enable them to book meetings that convert to pipeline.”

RightBound’s prospecting engine supports SundaySky’s outbound prospecting, delivering a consistent flow of leads for BDRs to work on based on SundaySky’s target customer profile.

Leads are automatically fed into Salesloft, assigned to the relevant BDR with the right cadence for them to follow-up at the right time and in a personalized manner. Salesloft Hot Leads tracking allows SundaySky BDRs to strategically prioritize revenue generating activities, exponentially increasing pipeline.

RightBound and Salesloft Combo Enables Continuous Optimization & Improvement

With their unique integration, insights into prospects’ engagement and sales team activity at Salesloft seamlessly flow back to RightBound, enabling RightBound to continuously adjust and optimize lead prospecting criteria and Salesloft cadences. The fact that a tremendous part of the optimization process is automated, gives SundaySky the flexibility and agility they need in order to scale, empowering sellers to re-strategize and reprioritize based on real-time results.

RightBound and Salesloft - Better Together

The advantage of using RightBound and Salesloft together is greater than the sum of the parts. Working in tandem seamlessly, RightBound and Salesloft amplify the output from both platforms. More than just a lead generator, RightBound finds and warms up relevant prospects, while Salesloft organizes those leads in an automated manner. “Not all leads are created equal,” said Sylvester. “Grouping them in different cadences to get different earnings is something that RightBound and Salesloft allow us to do in a powerful way.”

SundaySky’s BDRs have welcome the addition of RightBound and Salesloft to their sales tool kit. They now spend more of their time on strategic activities, while tedious processes are automated in both platforms. Combining automation, repeatability, and scale – together with the option to override automation in strategic moments – is a huge value add for the SundaySky team. “Implementing RightBound and Salesloft resulted in happier, more satisfied and excited employees,” said Sylvester.

One Point of Contact for the Team

As a Salesloft Advanced Partner, RightBound has a seamless two-way integration with Salesloft. RightBound customer success managers help customers configure and optimize their Salesloft instance and cadences.

Navigating the Economic Downturn

The unique capabilities of RightBound and Salesloft have also helped SundaySky address some of the challenges related to the economic downturn in 2022. SundaySky is using these platforms to scale up monthly contacts, refine its ICP, and tweak messaging to combat the macroeconomic situation. Moreover, prioritizing prospects that engage with content has helped to get to earnings faster.

“The insights and visibility that we get from Salesloft and the ability to feed the RightBound machine with enhanced targeting and content allows us to harmoniously drive better results across challenging times.”

Dan Sylvester
VP National Accounts, SundaySky


Enhanced Productivity Leading to Qualified Pipeline and Closed-Won Deals

Today, Rightbound and Salesloft have emerged as powerful tools that help fuel SundaySky’s pipeline creation machine, enabling its rapidly growing GTM team to meet KPIs and improve productivity:

400% growth in new customer acquisition from 2021 to 2022

Double digit percentage increases in leads generated, opportunities created, and meetings set

Increased BDR job satisfaction and motivation by focusing attention on engaged prospects

Streamlined daily operations and elimination of tedious manual tasks via automation

Seamless onboarding and enablement supported by RightBound’s highly responsive Customer Success team and Salesloft’s curriculum-based onboarding and documentation

“Salesloft and RightBound have increased our ability to create a qualified pipeline that translates into closed-won opportunities, as well as more satisfied and excited BDRs. I would recommend RightBound and Salesloft to any organization focused on scaling revenue and automating manual sales processes. Well, except to my competitors...”

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